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#TAGJam6 - The Half Birthday TWIST!

TAG 6, the half birthday TAG, begins on the 3rd of January. But this time there's a twist! If you want to check out the super cool half-birthday magic: Check it out over at the current hosts website! [Visit Joel Schumachers Website to See The Awesome Twist!] When you're done, be sure to tweet with the   #TAGJam6 This could be the best TAG yet. ~Tick

The Arbitrary Gamejam Website is Almost Complete!

So, I've been quite quiet lately, due to coursework and whatnot, but thankfully its the holidays now and i've had a little time to get back to doing personal projects. So, the first thing I decided to tackle was an official website for The Arbitrary Gamejam... As you might already know,   actually directs you to a page on this blog, this was only temporary. Eventually I want TAG to stand on its own. I've been working on the site for a couple days, so I thought i'd show it off a tiny bit. As you can see it's not finished (although, I am going for the minimalist look). The fonts are not final and the only button that is functional is the "Rules" button. Eventually the goal is to have all the important information on this one screen. The site has been built using Rails (and Bootstrap for style points), because I've been toying with the idea of using the site to accept all the game submissions. That way, I can create a

TAG5 - Hosted by Ratalaika Games

TAG5 is GO! With some of the best themes we've ever seen in my opinion! If you haven't joined up: [Visit Their Website to Check Out the Themes] When you're done, be sure to tweet with the   #TAGJam5 Hashtag to let us all know you're going for it! I'm seriously looking forward to seeing what people come up with for this jam, the themes are brilliant and from what I'v heard the host is some kind of magician. Eager. ~Tick

TAG4 - Hosted by Isaac James

So, Isaac James is hosting TAG4 in just a few hour s, so I wanted to make a post to help point people in his direction, since his website isn't best formatted for hosting this sort of event. Isaac has decided to make a couple of small changes from the normal shindig, so If you're not clued in: [Visit His Website to Check Out the Rules] When you're done, be sure to tweet with the   #TAGJam4 Hashtag to let us all know you're going for it! I don't want to steal any thunder, so I won't say too much more. I'll be posting some updates on the state of my projects and TickTakashi after TAG 4 is over. See ya ~Tick

Looking For TAG 3?

If you're looking for Octobers TAG, The Arbitrary Gamejam, hosted by Brendan LoBulgio, then you should know that it's not happening until next weekend! Check out his site for a countdown: See you in a week! ~Tick

Aimless - The TRON Update

Over the past couple days I've updated Aimless , my physics puzzle project, with some funky TRON inspired visuals and a couple new levels! Thanks to  +Jack Duckels  for some indirect inspiration. Check out the Unity Webplayer Version here: The game is still in Alpha, so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment. ~Tick

[Pre-Alpha Peek] - Introducing Aimless

Aimless is a mega simple physics puzzler  very loosely inspired by portal. I've been building it on and off for about... 3 days? It's nothing too crazy. I'll be adding new levels and mechanics to it over time but I don't think i'll dedicate focus to it. If you want to get a good idea of what the game is all about you should play this demo build of the game: Aimless Pre-Alpha Demo Web Player: Controls: Aim - Mouse Movement Fire - Left Mouse Reset - Space Until next time! ~Tick

[TAG] - Introducing Shark

Introducing our entry for  The Arbitrary Gamejam #02! EDIT: I've had many messages telling me that people are clicking on the image without  realizing  its an image... I suppose I could have picked a better screenshot... EDIT2: Changed image to something people won't click. Shark is a game I developed, in tandem with the design, art and writing talents of  Jack Duckels, Luke Schnabel, David Fitzsimmons and Dylan Betts. Inspired by a little bit of all three themes, our game is about giving out loans and staying alive! Controls: Just click (aside from name entry at the start!). Download Link (Windows): SHARK1_3_0_1.rar (11.2 MB)!44w2XJ7R!anm5AiR4UvRNhOc6nC8M9i0TibA2JshCGMzavZgjEOg Webplayer Link (Might have trouble in Chrome): When you're done playing Shark, check out the other games from The Arbitrary Gamejam 2!

[TAG] - PCGamerN Covers TAG #02!

Short blog post because, as you may already know... Signup for TAG #02 has begun over at Udell Games If you haven't already signed up for TAG#02, Go do it! Now! (please) Also, TAG is starting to attract some attention from bloggers and news sites! Check out PC Gamer N's coverage of TAG #02 over at This is great for the future of TAG, so i'd encourage everyone to go and have a look. The bigger this gets, the better things are going to be for small unknown indies everywhere!

League of Legends Card Game

My idea for a League of Legends trading card game, I also posted this in the comments section of a post in the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit . It's very raw, and has some obvious issues, but I think it has some potential. Here it goes...

[TAG] - Announcing the Host for TAG September 2013

Top Three Games There were 14 entrants for August 2013 TAG , ultimately creating 10 different games using a variety of tools, styles and theme combinations. Even though there wasn't a huge number of complete games it will still tough to narrow down my favorite game, and in the end I narrowed it down to 3 games. HairQuest - by Hunter Harris Clearly using all three themes from TAG, HairQuest is a text based RPG game about "Collecting hair to destroy the world". HairQuest has some flaws but is a work in progress and, taking that into account, it's pretty decent looking and enjoyable. [Visit the Creators G+ Page] [Download HairQuest] Hairball - by Udell Games Hairball is a game about a bacterium named Tim (it doesn't get much funkier than games about bacteria doe it?). Hairball felt like a complete experience despite the authors protest on the website. It opens with a lovely kid-friendly-seuss vibe and its a pretty solid game bar some control

[TAG] - Submissions

Submit your Tag Entries by commenting on this post with a link to your game and a short description. TAG IS OVER! NO LONGER ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS! BUT FEEL FREE TO POST YOUR GAMES ANYWAY ;D    THE NEXT HOST HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! [ANNOUNCEMENT HERE] Feel free to play each others games and provide feedback! Have fun! [Full Rules Here]

[TAG] The Arbitrary Gamejam #01 - [2nd to 4th August 2013]

The Arbitrary Gamejam 2nd - 4th August 2013 Generated Themes: Invalescence - To Become Strong Depilation - To Remove Hair Chosen Theme: Wrecking - Reducing to a State of Ruin TAG IS OVER! Submit games and check out other submissions here: [Link] Follow  @TickTakashi or check out this blog in 24 Hours to find out who the next host will be! THE NEXT HOST HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! [ANNOUNCEMENT HERE] What is TAG? The Arbitrary Gamejam is a weekend game jam with  3 themes  designed to promote small and unknown indie developers. At the end of each TAG, the submissions are rated by the host. The person who submitted the best game will be "tagged" and is responsible for hosting the next TAG. The idea is, as the Gamejam grows more popular, passing the Gamejam around will help small unknown indie developers pull traffic to their websites. By using  a random word generator  to generate  2/3  themes, TAG is intentionally arbitrary to encourage

No more TPU!

Welp, the update isn't ready. Sad times. But i refuse to post it before i feel like its ready to reveal. Subsequently I've decided that the TPU is not representative of what I want to do on this website. This site is about me throwing up my creations, having a scheduled update just feels forced. Maybe if I end up building something that attracts a lot of attention I will establish a routine for posting. But until then, i'm going with the flow. Posting soon[tm] ~Tick

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #05

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 05 - 11/ 07 /2013 Looking for the TPU? there isn't one! Again! ... Yup. Still working on the shift. To be honest its a good thing this blog doesn't get much attention or this might actually look bad! But since I haven't put anything substantial up on here for a while i'll just announce that the Project is now Linux compatible. Awesome right? not particularly difficult to pull off with Unity but still a little stressful. The next TPU will probably be the big reveal, I just want to make sure everything is 100% ready before I drop the bomb. ~Tick

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #04

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 04 - 04/ 07 /2013 Looking for the TPU? there isn't one! Again! Again? Seriously? Remember how last time I said I was working on a massive redesign of The Adventures of Clark Doud project? well that's still ongoing. I've also got a super secret special surprise in the works (for anyone who actually bothers to read this blog). O.K. Level with me here, has the Clark Doud project ended? did you get bored of it? Tired of it? Too lazy to keep going? Its o.k. you can admit it. Nope. Project is still going, although there aren't that many people out there who care about it, I care about it. After this heavy period of upgrades and updates it'll make sense why its taking so long! Happy Independence Day people! ~Tick

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #03

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 03 - 27/06/2013 Looking for the TPU? there isn't one! This week i'm hard at work at a massive redesign of some core systems in The Adventures of Clark Doud Project. In short: It's transitioning from being a fan-game to being an original game in its own right that still pays tribute to the Dark Cloud series.  Now I must be honest, some Dark Cloud fans won't like it, but that's OK, the game should still appeal to players who enjoyed the Weapon system more than anything else. I should be making a big post regarding the changes this week. See you then! ~Tick

[Alpha Release] - POLYGODS

ALPHA RELEASE - POLYGODS Just a quick post to say: Polygods alpha has been released for the MSJW. Download link here: The game has been released in this alpha form because I won't have much more time to work on it for this week (Before the Midsummer Jam Week Deadline!). So this is going to be the submitted version. Later when I have more time I might decide to get back to it, but since its just a concept/experimental game it probably wont be a priority for me. Back to work on The Clark Doud Project! ~Tick

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #02 and The Midsummer Jam Week

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 02 - 20/06/2013 Once again another busy week, if you haven't noticed we've skipped a TPU! All will be explained in due time. I've made a lot of progress regarding The Clark Doud Project (Seriously need to think of a real name for that), and  I've got an entirely new (albeit extremely temporary) project up and running for the Midsummer Jam Week.   If you want to skip to the MSJW stuff just go right ahead and scroll until you see pretty pictures. Anyways, here goes...

Everything Wrong With The Oculus Rift Right Now

Let me preface this by saying: I am fully aware that the Rift is not a finished product, most (if not all) of the issues outlined here will be irrelevant when the consumer version is released. This post is simply to give those impatient consumers or eager developers who want the Rift NOW a "heads up" on the kind of things that people aren't talking about when it comes to the Rift.  --- So, if you haven't noticed there wasn't a TPU yesterday, and the reason for that is this:

The Aftermath of the Sony Press Conference and Site Updates

I'll preface this by saying: this post is a little different, it's not a game demo or progress update:  ITS A MAJOR WALL OF TEXT   I posted a shorter version of this on  Reddit  shortly after the PS4 reveal, someone in the thread suggested I repost it now that we've all had a little time to calm down, and I decided that this is the kind of thing I want to share here, on the blog. Obviously this entire post is formatted like a reddit selfpost, so forgive me if anything sounds a little bit out of context. Also, there some info on the update to the site too! After the Great wall of text  I've  written a little insight into why the site changed so skip ahead if  that's  what you're interested in. There's also a TL;DR in true reddit style so if you're intimidated by the great wall of words then skip ahead for that too.

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #01

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 01 - 06/06/2013 Quite a few things have changed in the past week, with loads of performance tweaking and AI improvements the game is moving at a brisk pace. I'll be making a progress update with a checklist every Thursday to keep anyone who's interested in my projects up to date and give myself some targets to shoot for.

[Pre-Alpha Peek] The Adventures of Clark Doud?

I Got Tired of Waiting for a new Dark Cloud So, I think most of the Fans of the Dark Cloud series are tired of waiting for a third installment (That is to say: Seriously where the hell is it?) . So in the mean time I've decided to throw all my love for the series into making a Fan-game , because (You guessed it) They Should Have Made A Sequel . So this audacious blend of (almost) copyright infringement and big talk isn't about taking on the gigantic task of filling the shoes of Dark Cloud , this is about giving myself something to play with until they make a sequel (...hopefully) . Without further ado lets get into the meaty bit, what I've got so far: