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Commercial Projects

Games that have been released into the wild! Available to download from various app stores or purchase for various platforms.

Beastly [BETA - 24/12/15]

A little beastly gameplay

It's a mobile game about a little girl that morphs into a wolf. Need I say more?

Alright, i'll elaborate a little.

The demonic creatures of the wild are attacking your sacred tower, use any means necessary to defend it! Play as a young werewolf, slashing away at foes who dare cross into your territory. With each defeated foe you become more powerful, more deadly, more Beastly!

Check it out on the Play Store:

Casual Projects

Games that were created in a month or two. These projects are usually casual in-between-study pieces that I like to fiddle with from time to time. They're considered "finished" in a sense that I don't want to pressure myself to continue working on them, but I might come back to them at some point.

Runes of Runeterra [ALPHA - 14/11/14]

Nearing the end of a turn. A melee attack seems like a good choice here.
Runes of Runeterra (RoR) is a Digital Collectible Card Game based loosely on the lore of the popular MOBA League of Legends (LoL). The premise is that something extraordinary has happened during the summoning process and you, the summoner, have temporarily been granted an unstable amalgamation of all champion abilities.

Technical Goodies

  • Wrote a programming language (CARDScript) to define card behavior. 
  • Aside from the CARDScript Compiler, entirely written in the "New" Unity UI system (for no reason other than masochism)

RoR is a 1 vs 1 duel. You build a deck out of individual champion abilities, perhaps from your favourite champions or based on some theme or strategy. Then, you take turns to rain glorious magical death upon each other until someone dies. The game is designed such that games can be over very quickly if you can execute your strategies without hindrance, and so ideally it’s played as a best of three.

If you'd like to read more about RoR, then have a look at the main article here:

At present, the RoR demo includes 2 basic decks and basic combat rules. The current version was released to collect opinions on the battle system for further refinement. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them on the main article.

Play the Unity web player version here 

Project Clark [PRE-ALPHA - 30/05/13]

A baby dragon is no match for this 100% original character.
A yet-to-be-named Game inspired by my favorite games of all time: the Dark Cloud series by Level 5. Trying to pull the things I loved about the Dark Cloud games into one project.

Technical Goodies

  • Features procedural Dungeon Generation similar to the original Dark Cloud.
  • Combo system was created using Mecanim Animation Blend Trees.

So far this project has seen on-and-off updates since this blog was created years, but in total i'd estimate only a few months worth of actual work has gone into it. This project garnered some interest in mid-2014, and a small team was formed to work on it but, sadly, people simply didn't have the time and resources to dedicate to it.

I would still like to see it finished, and it may be picked up again at some point in the future. For now though, i'm going to take pressure off myself and say that it's a dead project.

If you've never encountered a Dark Cloud game, the games focus on Dungeon Crawling and Weapon Building, your weapon levels up instead of your character, gathering power from the monster it slays and absorbs. Weapons have durability and must be repaired and maintained or they will break and be lost forever. The dungeons are procedurally generated and the combat is ARPG style real time slashing, dodging and blocking.

You can watch a YouTube video of the game in action here:

If you're a fan of the Dark Cloud series and you're interested in helping out, email me! Tell me a little bit about your talents, abilities and experience at:

Short Projects

Games that were created in 1-7 days. Mostly Game Jam games and short break projects that i've thrown together to test something out. This is by no means a complete list, it's not even really a list of the best ones. It's just a list of the ones I actually remembered to add.

Threads. Episode 1: #F*ckPintos [ALPHA - 07/04/14]

Neon graphics are cool.
Threads. is a Super Monkeyball inspired arcade-puzzler in which your have one objective: Bring down the operating system , PintOS, by corrupting kernel memory. This may or may not have been made over a lunch break after some particularly irritating OS debugging.

WASD to roll.

Play the Unity web player version here:

Henge [ALPHA - 17/01/14]

A rain of explosive fireballs, gusts of wind and splashes of water.
Henge is a combination of color-matching and tower-defense games, where you match blocks of the same color to cast spells which defend your pyramid from invaders. As time goes on, waves get tougher but your pyramid gets larger, giving you more space to match colors and fight back.

Originally designed for phones, swiping or clicking and dragging will swap two adjacent circles, matching 2 of the same color will cause your pyramid to emit a projectile. But with a little luck, or by successfully matching 3 or more, you can create runed gems which fire automatically!

Use the elements to your advantage. Matching two red circles will create an explosive fireball, while matching two blue ones will create a slow-inducing splash.

Play the Unity web player version here:

Aimless [ALPHA - 15/09/13]

Neon graphics are SO cool.
Aimless is a super simple physics puzzle game. Bounce a cannonball off walls and ceilings to hit a target.

Move the mouse to aim.
Click to shoot.
Spacebar to reset the level.

Play the Unity web player version here

Shark [08/09/13]

Miles seems trustworthy, right?
Shark is about giving out loans and staying alive! I created the game with +Jack Duckels (Writing), Dylan Betts (Scene Art) and David Fitzsimmons (Character Art) for the second TAG - The Arbitrary Gamejam, in October 2013, with support from Luke Schnabel.

The game was created in 3 days, including 12 hours of dedicated planning based on the themes of "Scrimping", "Concludent" and "Defenestration".

The game is focused on conversation, read carefully for character clues to judge who is likely to replay their loans on time, pick your dialogue options carefully to ensure a transaction and adjust your loan amount to net maximum profit. Click the door when it lights up to let the next person in.

You can download Shark here:
[Shark1_3_0_1.rar - 11.2MB]

Alternatively, play the Unity Web Player version which is slightly more up to date.

Gestalt [05/08/13]

Die Cube!
A game I created with the writing talents of +Jack Duckels for the first ever TAG - The Arbitrary Gamejam, in August 2013.

The game was created in 3 days, including 12 hours of dedicated planning. I don't want to spoil the game by writing about its themes and meanings, if you want to know more about it you should play it (It is quite short).

Slash enemies with the mouse buttons, and move around with the WASD keys. enjoy the ride and keep an open mind.

You can download Gestalt here:

Alternatively, play the Unity Web Player version which is slightly more up to date.

If you wish to know all about the themes and meanings explored in this game, click the spoiler button below. Only do this if you have no intention of playing the game.

POLYGODS [ALPHA - 25/06/13]

Growing Oranges Pyramids
A game I created for the MSJW - Midsummer Jam Week in June 2013.

The alpha was created in 6 days, including 1 day of dedicated planning. The theme was growth, so this is a strategy game based on spreading growing crystals that compete for space.

Nearby crystals will feed allies and destroy enemies by spawning tiny glowing bits that run into nearby structures. Crystals that have reached maturity will also produce additional "seeds" which you can plant to create new crystals, or send directly to a target crystal to speed up the growth of an ally or destruction of an enemy.

Place seeds with left click, shift seeds from node to node with right click. Mouse wheel to zoom out.

[PolygodsAlpha0_1v.rar - 6.2MB] 


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