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#TAGJam22 - Submissions

Leave a comment on this post with a link to your submission. Submissions must arrive before:  (The end of TAGJam + a 12 hour grace period to account for differing time-zones) The winner will be announced 24 hours after submissions close.

#TAGJam22 Begins! - Themes

Random Theme 1 Beast Definition: An animal, especially a large or dangerous four-footed one. Random Theme 2 Overpotent Definition: Too potent or powerful. Host Theme Gyoza Definition: Japanese pan-fried dumplings, filled with ground meat and vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough. Remember the Bonus Rule: Bonus Rule: "Show Me Your Moves!" Show me something that you're already working on! For more information on this bonus rule  check out the previous post by clicking here. Because its understood that entries adhering the bonus rule will be at different stages of completion, all entries will be judged based on the following factors, with the first being the most important: How interesting is the overall idea? How well are the themes incorporated? How well is the idea executed? Your submissions must come in by 26th June @ 23:59 GMT / [25th June @ 16:59 PST] On your marks. Get Set. Go!

#TAGJam22 - Show Me Your Moves! - Begins in 24 Hours!

The Arbitrary Gamejam Comes Home 2: Electric Boogaloo TAG has just come off a short one-month hiatus, and its kicking off right here. This time its a 7 Day Jam running from: 20th June @ 00:00 GMT [19th June @ 17:00 PST] UNTIL 26th June @ 23:59 GMT [25th June @ 16:59 PST] This TAG is has a special bonus rule that we're announcing early: Bonus Rule: "Show Me Your Moves!" This TAG, I want to see what you're working on! Instead of building a whole new game for the jam, show off something that you're currently working on or have worked on recently. During the Jam, spend those 7 days creating a special #TAGJam22 build of your project that incorporates the themes. For example: If your game is a Platformer, you could build a short bonus level or powerup that incorporates the TAG themes. If your game is an RPG, you could add a short quest, skill, monster or item which incorporates the TAG themes. If your game is a Racer, you