[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #01

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 01 - 06/06/2013

Quite a few things have changed in the past week, with loads of performance tweaking and AI improvements the game is moving at a brisk pace. I'll be making a progress update with a checklist every Thursday to keep anyone who's interested in my projects up to date and give myself some targets to shoot for.

Completed Last Week:

The Adventures of Clark Doud
  • Dungeon
    • Replaced placeholder graphics with the real deal
    • Improved generation algorithms
  • Control
    • Improved Camera responsiveness
  • GUI
    • Added HP Bar
    • Added WP Bar
  • Combat
    • Player can deal damage (Based on sword stats alone)
    • Monsters can deal damage (Based on base stats alone) 
    • Blocking now reduces damage (Not yet based on shield stats)
    • Player can kill monsters
    • Monsters can kill player
  • Monsters
    • Exhaustion - Mobs now become exhausted in prolonged battles
    • Inherited Behaviors - Modified the AI system to allow monsters in the same group to have some slightly different behaviors, e.g. a larger version of a small monster can have an additional attack but still share the basic attack pattern of the smaller version
    • Added in the Baby Dragon
  • Performance
    • Performance tests see very good frame-rates on low-end PCs on low settings (50FPS on a Laptop from 2001!) and fantastic frame-rates on others (Highest test was 250FPS on a gaming PC). These tests and my interest in the OUYA/Android in general lead me to believe I will probably try to publish the game on those platforms as well as PC (for free obviously, if i ever get sufficiently decent visual assets)
    • Dynamic occlusion culling scripts have been added but only improve performance in massive levels. Will set them to turn on automatically once the player reaches dungeons which are large enough.

Things I Want To Get Done Next Week (In Priority Order)

The Adventures of Clark Doud
  1. Weapon System
    1. EXP Gain and Leveling
    2. Weapon Breaking
    3. Weapon Upgrading
    4. Shield stats
  2. Combat
    1. Damage text
    2. Different strikes modify damage
    3. Monster stats modify damage (defense)
    4. Blocking damage reduction based on shield stats
  3. Monsters
    1. At least 1 additional Monster
    2. Further improved Monster AI - Choosing when to go in for an attack.

Thanks for reading as always. if you have any questions about anything or if you think i should prioritize something differently leave a comment below! The blog is eager to receive its first comments.