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Aimless - The TRON Update

Over the past couple days I've updated Aimless , my physics puzzle project, with some funky TRON inspired visuals and a couple new levels! Thanks to  +Jack Duckels  for some indirect inspiration. Check out the Unity Webplayer Version here: The game is still in Alpha, so if you find any bugs or have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment. ~Tick

[Pre-Alpha Peek] - Introducing Aimless

Aimless is a mega simple physics puzzler  very loosely inspired by portal. I've been building it on and off for about... 3 days? It's nothing too crazy. I'll be adding new levels and mechanics to it over time but I don't think i'll dedicate focus to it. If you want to get a good idea of what the game is all about you should play this demo build of the game: Aimless Pre-Alpha Demo Web Player: Controls: Aim - Mouse Movement Fire - Left Mouse Reset - Space Until next time! ~Tick

[TAG] - Introducing Shark

Introducing our entry for  The Arbitrary Gamejam #02! EDIT: I've had many messages telling me that people are clicking on the image without  realizing  its an image... I suppose I could have picked a better screenshot... EDIT2: Changed image to something people won't click. Shark is a game I developed, in tandem with the design, art and writing talents of  Jack Duckels, Luke Schnabel, David Fitzsimmons and Dylan Betts. Inspired by a little bit of all three themes, our game is about giving out loans and staying alive! Controls: Just click (aside from name entry at the start!). Download Link (Windows): SHARK1_3_0_1.rar (11.2 MB)!44w2XJ7R!anm5AiR4UvRNhOc6nC8M9i0TibA2JshCGMzavZgjEOg Webplayer Link (Might have trouble in Chrome): When you're done playing Shark, check out the other games from The Arbitrary Gamejam 2!

[TAG] - PCGamerN Covers TAG #02!

Short blog post because, as you may already know... Signup for TAG #02 has begun over at Udell Games If you haven't already signed up for TAG#02, Go do it! Now! (please) Also, TAG is starting to attract some attention from bloggers and news sites! Check out PC Gamer N's coverage of TAG #02 over at This is great for the future of TAG, so i'd encourage everyone to go and have a look. The bigger this gets, the better things are going to be for small unknown indies everywhere!