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No more TPU!

Welp, the update isn't ready. Sad times. But i refuse to post it before i feel like its ready to reveal. Subsequently I've decided that the TPU is not representative of what I want to do on this website. This site is about me throwing up my creations, having a scheduled update just feels forced. Maybe if I end up building something that attracts a lot of attention I will establish a routine for posting. But until then, i'm going with the flow. Posting soon[tm] ~Tick

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #05

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 05 - 11/ 07 /2013 Looking for the TPU? there isn't one! Again! ... Yup. Still working on the shift. To be honest its a good thing this blog doesn't get much attention or this might actually look bad! But since I haven't put anything substantial up on here for a while i'll just announce that the Project is now Linux compatible. Awesome right? not particularly difficult to pull off with Unity but still a little stressful. The next TPU will probably be the big reveal, I just want to make sure everything is 100% ready before I drop the bomb. ~Tick

[TPU] - Thursday Progress Update #04

TPU - Thursday Progress Update 04 - 04/ 07 /2013 Looking for the TPU? there isn't one! Again! Again? Seriously? Remember how last time I said I was working on a massive redesign of The Adventures of Clark Doud project? well that's still ongoing. I've also got a super secret special surprise in the works (for anyone who actually bothers to read this blog). O.K. Level with me here, has the Clark Doud project ended? did you get bored of it? Tired of it? Too lazy to keep going? Its o.k. you can admit it. Nope. Project is still going, although there aren't that many people out there who care about it, I care about it. After this heavy period of upgrades and updates it'll make sense why its taking so long! Happy Independence Day people! ~Tick