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Introducing Runes of Runeterra - A Love Letter to Riot Games

This was originally a reddit post: But I've copied it here for safe keeping and future reference. I've also included [this list]  of games that I've played in the past 6 Months, since a link to this page was submitted as part of an application. TL;DR:  I made a game and i'd love for your guys to play test it and give me feedback. If you want to avoid reading the wall of text and get straight to checking it out, there is a section right at the bottom of this post called  Without Further Ado  that you can skip to. However, if you’re interested in the design/development process then I encourage you to read on! (Plus, you're probably going to want to read the rules section too) Hi Reddit! The deadline for Game Design internship applications to Riot is fast approaching, but i'm based in London and likely ineligible to work for Riot since t

Project Clark - Formerly known as "The Adventures of Clark Doud"

Exactly one year ago (give or take a few hours), I posted this: A little demo post regarding "The Adventures of Clark Doud" . A Fan game inspired by Dark Cloud, one of my favorite games of all time. It was the first ever post on this blog. Then a few weeks later, with no interest from anyone but myself, I decided to bury the project. That was, until last month, when I got an overwhelmingly positive response from posting this video: I asked you guys if you wanted me to dig this project up, and I was hit with a deafening yes . My inbox exploded with people interested in reviving the project. Writers, Artists, Musicians and fans of the game bombarded me with support. So, I formed a team. We formed a team. We pooled our resources and got started on Project Clark . Not just a Dark Cloud "fan project", but a game that can really stand on its own and still scratch that itch that we

Wacom vs N-Trig - A Modern Comparison

WARNING : This post is long. I wrote this because I could not find an unbiased comparison of the modern N-Trig and Wacom technologies online. It was written in response to the artistic outcry regarding the Surface Pro 3. If you are an artist, I believe it is worth reading. UPDATED as of 20th June 2014 to reflect N-Trig software advancements. UPDATED as of 23rd June 2014 to reflect new direct Digitizer comparison information. Those of you who may visit this site regularly will know that I am a game developer, but what you might not know is that I also do a lot of sketching. (Maybe one day I will post the stuff online) Since I am a geek, I do almost all of my sketching digitally, which means I am always looking out for new developments in digitizer technology. This brings me to this post in particular: Following the announcement of the Surface Pro 3 , many artists were shocked and disappointed by the news that the SP3 would be using N-Trig technology rather than Wacom techn

Threads. - A #TAGJam9 Entry

I entered #TAGJam9, even though I know I am ineligible to win (since i've already hosted twice in the past 12 months) and decided to base my entry on a piece of operating systems work i'd done recently. So, without further delay I will introduce you to: Threads. Episode 1: "#F*ckPintOS" Try it out here using the Unity Web Player LINK Let me know what you think! If you want to try out the other games created for #TAGJam9 then you should check out the arbitrary gamejam subreddit! /r/TheArbitraryGamejam ~Charles

The Adventures of Clark Doud - Demo Video - Should I dig this up?

Recently, someone approached me about my Dark Cloud fan project asking for information on its progress so I decided to make this video so that anyone who's interested can get up to speed. I haven't touched the project in a long time, but if there are a few people who want to see this happen (Dark Cloud was a really underrated game, so there aren't that many fans) i'll pick it up again. Just leave a comment below if you're interested. ~Tick

The Arbitrary Gamejam #9 - YOU Suggest the themes!

Hi guys, In an interesting twist, the current TAG host has decided to let you guys help him build a pool of words to draw the themes from. Since this is the first TAG that's taking advantage of our subreddit, we're looking for your help building up comments and visitation. So go and post your theme suggestions for #TagJam9 here: See you all soon! ~Tick

The Arbitrary Gamejam Subreddit - /r/TheArbitraryGamejam

Hey guys Just letting everyone know that TAG The Arbitrary Gamejam now has a dedicated subreddit, /r/TheArbitraryGamejam The next host, Daniel Bauman aka /u/dopplex , is considering using the subreddit in some way for submissions to #TAGJam9 . But we're also hoping that everyone will use the subreddit to share game development goodness, tools and tricks you might find useful for TAG and other gamejams.  The subreddit is brand new and rough around the edges, so head on over and feel free to share the game development love. If you are a previous host of The Arbitrary Gamejam and wish to become a moderator of this subreddit, let me know your reddit username either in the comments below or if perhaps you wish to be a little more discrete, by emailing me at For more information on #TAGJam9 , check out dopplex's site: That's all for now, hope to see you all in April for #TAGJam9 ! ~Tick

#TAGJam8 Imminent!

Hi! Just a reminder that #TAGJam8 Begins in just a few days! Durga Prasad Is hosting this time, and he'll be putting the themes up on his website in about a day and a half. Check out his website for the countdown, and leave a comment letting him know you're entering the jam! Countdown to #TAGJam8 Themes Available at  Durga's site

Announcing the Winner of The Arbitrary Gamejam #7

All I can say is wow, this TAG is super close. I'll preface this by saying that all the games submitted were enjoyable, even the incomplete ones were fun to play, but I've got to choose a winner, so here we go. There were three games that really stood out, for a number of reasons. I'm going to give some of my thoughts and opinions on each game, then at the end i'll announce the winner. - - - Packer  Durga Prasad & Nithin Reddy The first game to be submitted to the jam makes it into the final three for several reasons. The first and foremost being that, without reading the description given by Mr. Prasad, I knew exactly what sort of personal moment the game was aiming to get across. If you haven't played it, go and play it now (without reading the description in Mr. Prasad) and see if you can identify it too. ... Done? I was totally serious about you going to play that gam


[EDIT: SUBMISSIONS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED] --- DEVELOPMENT TIME HAS OFFICIALLY ENDED You have until 1200 GMT 10th Feb to submit your game. SUBMIT YOUR GAMES IN A COMMENT BY CLICKING HERE The Winner of The Arbitrary Gamejam #7, and host of The Arbitrary Gamejam #8, will be announced: 0000 GMT 11th Feb

#TAGJam7 - Let The Development Begin! - Submit your games here

[EDIT: If your game doesn't immediately show up, don't worry. The Spam filter probably got to it. Your submission will still be counted and it will show up in time.] The Arbitrary Gamejam 7 Has Begun! Development time for #TAGJam7 has officially begun, if you need a reminder of the themes, they are: Nitrogenize | Derogative | Squash and The Special Rule... Your Game Must Relate To or Be Inspired By A Personal Moment In Your Life  Submit by commenting on this post with a link to your game. Good Luck!

#TAGJam7 - Announcing The Themes

As you may already know, most TAGs have a dedicated day of planning and design time... The Planning and Design Time for #TAGJam7 has Officially Begun. Development Time Will Last 48hr From 0000GMT 8th Feb Until 0000GMT 10th Feb If you're participating, make a comment below or tweet with the #TAGJam7 hashtag to let us know! Of course, this is non compulsory but we'd love to get to know you all. Now, without further delay, here are the three themes for The 7th Arbitrary Gamejam... --- Theme 1 - (Randomly Generated) Nitrogenize Definition: To combine or impregnate with Nitrogen or its compounds. --- Theme 2 - (Randomly Generated) Derogative Definition: Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude. --- Theme 3 - (Hosts Choice) Squash Definition 1: To Crush or Squeeze (something) with force, so that it becomes flat or out of shape. Definition 2: A Concentrated liquid made from fruit juice and sugar . Definition 3: An

#TAGJam7 - A Special Rule

Themes for #TAGJam7 will be announced in less than 24 hours,  @ 7th Feb 0000GMT.  EDIT: To Clarify, The Arbitrary Gamejam #7 is 2 Days (48 hours) of development time! Originally, we had considered making #TAGJam7 the first week-long TAG, in fact we'd even thought of asking entrants to dedicate their entries to a special someone for valentines day. But unfortunately, the timing is bad for most people, so we're going to stick with the regular weekend affair. That doesn't mean there isn't a twist though! Special Rule You Game Must Relate To or Be Inspired By A Personal Moment In Your Life In other words, we want your game to really mean something to you, even if its not obvious to the rest of us exactly how, we want your games to come from a special/powerful/meaningful place. Last TAG wasn't the biggest, everyone is back on their regular work schedules (including myself!) and universities are in session, but fingers crossed that a few folks c

The Arbitrary Gamejam Comes Home

Somehow, we won #TAGJam6! Woot. We will most likely be hosting #TAGJam7 on the new TAG website when it's up and running. Looking forward to it guys. Join us for #TAGJam7 on the 7th of February  ~Tick p.s. I've got something special planned. Lets just say you should clear more than a weekend!