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Blogger Templates for Noobs - Part 1 - Template Structure

I've been curious about blogger templates since I started using the site a half decade ago, but I never took the time to learn how to build them.

Recently I've been making changes to this site and I've been picking up a few things about blogger templates, so I'll be sharing things on this site as I learn them.

Setting Up I'll assume that you have a blog already, so the first step is to visit the dashboard of your blog and click on the "Template" tab on the left-hand side.

Then, click the "Edit HTML" button to get started.

Site Redesign

The site is currently undergoing a big redesign. For the next couple of days pages will be moving around a lot, so I apologize in advance for the inconvenience!

I'm working on a custom Blogger Template, and since I haven't used the API before i'm sort of learning as I go. It doesn't seem to be too difficult, but its still slowing things down a little bit.

Full launch Soon[tm]