[TAG] - Announcing the Host for TAG September 2013

Top Three Games

There were 14 entrants for August 2013 TAG, ultimately creating 10 different games using a variety of tools, styles and theme combinations. Even though there wasn't a huge number of complete games it will still tough to narrow down my favorite game, and in the end I narrowed it down to 3 games.

HairQuest - by Hunter Harris

Clearly using all three themes from TAG, HairQuest is a text based RPG game about "Collecting hair to destroy the world". HairQuest has some flaws but is a work in progress and, taking that into account, it's pretty decent looking and enjoyable.

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[Download HairQuest]

Hairball - by Udell Games

Hairball is a game about a bacterium named Tim (it doesn't get much funkier than games about bacteria doe it?). Hairball felt like a complete experience despite the authors protest on the website. It opens with a lovely kid-friendly-seuss vibe and its a pretty solid game bar some control issues.

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[Play/Download Hairball]

Minimalism 2: Red Ball - by Martin Monosys

Minimalism 2 is a super simple break the blocks type game with a twist, you control the trajectory of the ball with impulses and a first person view. Left click to send your ball flying forwards. Its simple but still quite unique and that's why It was one of my favorites.

Announcing The Next Host!

Now without further ado, I am please to announce the creator of my favorite game of the jam and the Host The Arbitrary Gamejam for September 2013:

Congratulations to Udell Games! Please leave a comment below or message me directly if you are unable to host next month.

Thank you to everyone who participated in The Arbitrary Gamejam August 2013. You've helped start something awesome! Make sure you head on over to Udell Games for the next TAG in September. I look forward to seeing you all there!