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Threads. - A #TAGJam9 Entry

I entered #TAGJam9, even though I know I am ineligible to win (since i've already hosted twice in the past 12 months) and decided to base my entry on a piece of operating systems work i'd done recently. So, without further delay I will introduce you to:

Threads. Episode 1: "#F*ckPintOS"

Try it out here using the Unity Web Player


Let me know what you think!

If you want to try out the other games created for #TAGJam9 then you should check out the arbitrary gamejam subreddit!



The Adventures of Clark Doud - Demo Video - Should I dig this up?

Recently, someone approached me about my Dark Cloud fan project asking for information on its progress so I decided to make this video so that anyone who's interested can get up to speed.

I haven't touched the project in a long time, but if there are a few people who want to see this happen (Dark Cloud was a really underrated game, so there aren't that many fans) i'll pick it up again. Just leave a comment below if you're interested.