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Tabletop - Gangs of West Rosell - 5 Maps

I've been playing a lot of Dungeons and Dragons 5E, more specifically i've been DMing for a few groups. Recently one of my players has moved house, so we'll have to play digitally from now on. As a result i've started making maps for use on various online Tabletop tools. I've decided that i'll share the maps as I make them on this blog.

These maps were created in Illustrator, are print friendly black and white and have low opacity borders so that they can be overlaid on top of eachother.

You are, of course, free to use the maps independent of the intended adventure. However, I have only mapped locations where combat is likely to happen in the adventure, so it might be helpful to at least skim through the scenario even if you're going to change it up. Although this was built for 5E, i've tried to keep things largely system agnostic by leaving out system specific details.

Rosell West[Download - Rosell West - 5 Maps]

These maps are for an introductory adven…