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The Arbitrary Gamejam #9 - YOU Suggest the themes!

Hi guys,

In an interesting twist, the current TAG host has decided to let you guys help him build a pool of words to draw the themes from. Since this is the first TAG that's taking advantage of our subreddit, we're looking for your help building up comments and visitation. So go and post your theme suggestions for #TagJam9 here:

See you all soon!


The Arbitrary Gamejam Subreddit - /r/TheArbitraryGamejam

Hey guys

Just letting everyone know that TAG The Arbitrary Gamejam now has a dedicated subreddit,

The next host, Daniel Bauman aka /u/dopplex, is considering using the subreddit in some way for submissions to #TAGJam9. But we're also hoping that everyone will use the subreddit to share game development goodness, tools and tricks you might find useful for TAG and other gamejams.  The subreddit is brand new and rough around the edges, so head on over and feel free to share the game development love.

If you are a previous host of The Arbitrary Gamejam and wish to become a moderator of this subreddit, let me know your reddit username either in the comments below or if perhaps you wish to be a little more discrete, by emailing me at

For more information on #TAGJam9, check out dopplex's site:

That's all for now, hope to see you all in April for #TAGJam9!