#TAGJam7 - Announcing The Themes

As you may already know, most TAGs have a dedicated day of planning and design time...

The Planning and Design Time for #TAGJam7 has Officially Begun.

Development Time Will Last 48hr
From 0000GMT 8th Feb
Until 0000GMT 10th Feb

If you're participating, make a comment below or tweet with the #TAGJam7 hashtag to let us know! Of course, this is non compulsory but we'd love to get to know you all. Now, without further delay, here are the three themes for The 7th Arbitrary Gamejam...


Theme 1 - (Randomly Generated)


Definition: To combine or impregnate with Nitrogen or its compounds.


Theme 2 - (Randomly Generated)


Definition: Showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.


Theme 3 - (Hosts Choice)


Definition 1: To Crush or Squeeze (something) with force, so that it becomes flat or out of shape.

Definition 2: A Concentrated liquid made from fruit juice and sugar.

Definition 3: An Edible Gourd, the flesh of which may be cooked and eaten as a vegetable.


... and don't forget the special rule...

Special Rule
Your Game Must Relate To or Be Inspired By A Personal Moment In Your Life


Remember, your game should relate to one or more of the themes, and you must at least try to include the special rule. but lets not get too bogged down with rules, have as much fun as possible!

Keep an eye on the countdown timer at the beginning of this post if you're unsure what time that is for you. Remember to comment below or tweet #TAGJam7 to let us know if you're joining!