Project Clark - Formerly known as "The Adventures of Clark Doud"

Exactly one year ago (give or take a few hours), I posted this:

A little demo post regarding "The Adventures of Clark Doud". A Fan game inspired by Dark Cloud, one of my favorite games of all time. It was the first ever post on this blog.

Then a few weeks later, with no interest from anyone but myself, I decided to bury the project. That was, until last month, when I got an overwhelmingly positive response from posting this video:

I asked you guys if you wanted me to dig this project up, and I was hit with a deafening yes. My inbox exploded with people interested in reviving the project. Writers, Artists, Musicians and fans of the game bombarded me with support. So, I formed a team. We formed a team. We pooled our resources and got started on Project Clark. Not just a Dark Cloud "fan project", but a game that can really stand on its own and still scratch that itch that we have for a Dark Cloud 3.

For the past month, we've been working through concept after concept, trying to nail down an experience that we can be proud of, and recently we've landed on something we really like.

We've still got a million miles to go. Its going to take thousands of man hours to get there and we will lose some folks along the way, as we already have, but things are kicking off. As of this moment, all my other projects are on standby; this endeavor has my full focus. I hope we can bring you guys an experience that you'll enjoy.

I'm looking forward to another, more intense, year of TickTakashi.