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The Arbitrary Gamejam

The Arbitrary Gamejam is a game jam designed to promote small and unknown indie developers.
At the end of each TAG, the submissions are rated by the host.
The person who submitted the best game will be "tagged" and is responsible for hosting the next TAG.
The idea is, as the Gamejam grows more popular, passing the Gamejam around will help small unknown indie developers pull traffic to their websites.
Each hosts makes use of Randomness to generate rules and themes for their jam, this way TAG is intentionally arbitrary to encourage outside-the-box thinking and wild combinations.

When is TAG?

TAG Has concluded! #TAGJam had a great two years but it has sadly ended, but there are plenty of great jams still running! Have Fun!

How Do I Host?

First and foremost, you cannot host TAG twice in a row or more than two times in a single year (Unless yours is the only submission). If you end up hosting TAG, you can handle it in any way you want under two conditions.
  1. You must keep the 4 core rules outlined below by linking to this page. This maintains the legitimacy of the jam by identifying you officially as current host and prevents non-tagged people from hosting.
  2. The rules must include some element of randomness. E.g. Using a random word generator to produce themes.
Other than that you are free to decide how people join and how submissions are rated/handled, and any further rules/restrictions you want to place on participants.

The 4 Core Rules

  1. Submissions must come in within 12 hours of the Gamejam ending.
  2. Submissions must be original works, no plagiarism.
  3. Submissions can be based on any number of themes or rules, but must incorporate at least 1 of the randomly generated elements of the jam.
  4. No Pressure. Just have fun with it. Submissions will still be accepted even if they're not complete.
- - -

TAG History

A List of all previous TAGs, their hosts and their entries.

#01 - August 2013 - Hosted by TickTakashi

#02 - September 2013 - Hosted by Udell Games

#03 - October 2013 - Hosted by Brendan LoBuglio

#04 - November 2013 - Hosted by Isaac James

#05 - December 2013 - Hosted by Ratalaika Games

#06 - January 2014 - Hosted by Joel Schumacher

#07 - February 2014 - Hosted by TickTakashi

#08 - March 2014 - Hosted by Durga Prasad

#09 - April 2014 - Hosted by Daniel Bauman

#10 - May 2014 - Hosted by Andrew Wang

#11 - June 2014 - Hosted by @bunnyhero

#12 - July 2014 - Hosted by André Sicuro Scremin

#13 - August 2014 - Hosted by Hilgames

#14 - September 2014 - Hosted by SnoutUp

#15 - October 2014 - Hosted by @Haddicus

#16 - November 2014 - Hosted by JunkBytes

#17 - December 2014 - Hosted by Rizzo Daly

#18 - January 2015 - Hosted by @MadMarcel

#19 - February 2015 - Hosted by @Synival

#20 - March 2015 - Hosted by MonsterSauce

#21 - April 2015 - Hosted by Philipp Los

If you need to contact me about hosting The Arbitrary Gamejam please email me at:
Please note, will redirect to this page until TAG gets its own site. If you are a Web Designer interested in TAG please get in touch.


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